Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Thank god for that!

at long, long last, I caught up with the Common Crane on the 14th Feb. It has showing half a mile below Southease, on the top of one of the hills to the West of the valley. About a mile away, but still saw plenty of detail through the scope. Having dipped it twice already, I thought this would be my last chance to see it, as I was going to the New Forest for several days to see family, and of course it would go before I returned!! Thankfully dad and I stopped for 10 minutes on the journey West to have a look, but at first I though it would be a third dip, as Sid-whose-surname-I-can't-remember informed us it was showing well on top of the hill, only to find out that in the thirty seconds or so since he had stopped looking at it it had dropped down out of view! After what felt like hours, It reappeared on the hill-top, giving great but distant views for a minute or so before dad and I had to leave. A Sussex Lifer, that takes my sussex year list up to 104!!

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