Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Dear overlords o' the sky, I feel I should have a bit more variety!

The three days before now have been pouring down with more rain than could logically have fallen in the allotted time. Seriously, It was so heavy I thought at one point the roof on our house would cave in! So birds were even less varied than  is usual in February, and with the rain I couldn't even get out of town to see nothing in the Cuckmere, nothing in the Ouse or nothing at Splash Point, because there would be nothing I assure you! Today I was back at school, and expected a wondrous four days of nothing, but after school  I had to walk  a certain dog down to Blatchington Pond for a while, and nothing was again turned into something by Blackcaps! This time there were two of them tacking away from opposite sides of the road as dusk quickly approached. This was almost worse than nothing though, as now it seems the only interesting birds I will ever see again will be these effing Blackcaps! one day in the far future I will see something that isn't a Blackcap and I will scream with joy. But for now, Adios and I hope you have better luck than me

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