Thursday, 18 February 2010

adding to the list

My Sussex year list currently stands at 104 species. Not bad for 48 days, many of which I was stick in school, and on the other days most of the time all I had to assist me was binoculars and my feet/bike/public transport. However, I still had some odd birds missing from the list. By far and above the worst offence was my failure to see Linnet in Sussex this year. So having to taked the dog out for a walk was for once an opportunity, and not a chore! I decided on taking the mutt up to Greenway Bottom, just North of Seaford. Here, as well as the Linnet, I hoped to add both partridge species and Corn Bunting, while there is always the possibility of a bird of prey, especially Merlin, and in the fields around Denton Hill Golden Plover are sometimes seen in winter, and Mediterranean Gulls may follows the tractors with their many more numerous relatives. Sadly, despite the glorious weather, things didn't turn out as I'd hoped. I added Grey Partridge and Red-legged Partridge to my year list, taking it up to 106, but I am still missing Linnet, and no Corn Buntings showed up either.

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