Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Nice but Ironic

six days in whcih I have seen nothing at all interesting except for a few Blackcaps. After literally praying to the overlords with my last blog post, I found today things brightened up, both birdily and with the weather. It was nice and sunny and I heard ...A CHIFFCHAFF! That's right, for six days all I was capable of seeing was Blackcaps, but that has expanded to include other warblers as well. I shouldn't complain, but Jesus H Christ can't I see something interesting that isn't a warbler! However, I shall stop grumbling and divulge more light-hearted words concerning the Chiff, I heard it singing from one of the gardens that back onto my school. Some may say this is slightly unseasonal, but around this time, wintering Chiffs often begin to sing (I heard one near my house on 28 February last year.) Indeed, despite other observers apparently encountering them fairly frequently around Seaford during winter, I have only ever noted Chiffchaffs being present during Nov-Feb when they begin to sing around about now!
For exact map of were I heard the chiff click here

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