Sunday, 7 February 2010

the daywalker

Getting the train back from Southease today(7th February), I saw a fox by the side of the railway in Seaford. It was lounging about enjoying the sun, and after a fairly disappointing walk around the Ouse today it was nice compensation. One unusual thing, though is that it had a very short and pudgy nose, and looked smaller than the adult foxes I see fairly regularly. A cub perhaps? But surely it is too early in the year for the foxes to have had cubs, let alone for them to be away from their mothers or look so well developed? Or do foxes take several years to mature, so a year old fox will still have some cub-like features? If anyone knows anything about this, please leave a comment.


  1. Hey Liam, Brilliant blog! Very impressed by the life lists, I better get spotting if I'm to catch you up!
    As far as I am aware, Foxes mature fairly quickly, and can even breed when only a year old. It does seem very odd to see one with cub-like features at this time of year, as you say, it should be too early. Sorry I cant be more helpful!
    Keep up the fantastic work, all the best and happy birding,
    Sophie May x

  2. Thanks Sophie. I guess the fox will be one of those unsolved mysteries I can look back on in 40 years time, but to be honest, 548 species isn't two difficult if you're willing to walk around with binoculars half the time on a family holiday!


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