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two and a half years ago (as of July 2012) I started a blog focusing on wildlife, one of my main interests at the time. I gave up writing on it about a year later, thanks to a clinical lack of motivation and finding I was spending way too much time writing things no-one read.

anyway, dramatic and potentially oscar-winning sob story cut short, I decided to get into blogging again, the only rule being basically my main rule in life. do whatever you want as long as you enjoy it. So for old readers from a few years ago there'll still be plenty of posts about all the birds, bees and butterflies, still one of my biggest interests, but I'm also attempting to shamelessly plug my own drawings and paintings (I find calling them 'artwork' sets expectations far too high), music (a.k.a bad guitar), whatever else takes my interests, random snippets of life/videos I record, and tie it all together with a passion, if not an ability, for creative writing.

if you hate it I don't blame you. If you love it I know several therapists who can help. if you read it, may god have mercy on your soul. 

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