Wednesday, 6 April 2011

the actual last post (I have a new blog now!)  is my new blog. Like Graham mentioned (and Rob over facebook) the pull of nature is just a bit too strong. But this blog will probably be slightly different, more about general wildlife than birds, and with a lot more stuff from the garden and stuff, since I have become far too lazy to go anywhere very often! if people would like to have a look at it and possibly try and critique it I'd be very grateful

all the best, and thanks for reading this blog for so long

Sunday, 3 April 2011

possibly my last post

yes, I'm afraid so.

This blog has shown a year of my life, but I've found it too time-consuming with exams, friendships, and all the regular teenage shit to keep it updated, plus, I've lost a lot of interest in the sort of birding I was into as I first posted on the net. I still love birds, but this blog had become a lot less fun to keep updated the last few months and I've given up largely on hardcore birding or wanting to be a big part of the scene. maybe the easy path for me ya know, counting the toads in the garden, maybe getting on my bike occasionally to visit the patch, but the laidback life seems a nice route to take. Teenagers do sadly have to have a social life which comes first before any bird!

I might be making another blog which reflects a change in interests, in which case my actual last post will be a link to that blog. But for now, thanks to everyone who has read this, and commented on it, and to all the local birders who have told me how much they enjoyed reading it when I've been out and about. It's been a pretty awesome year...
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