Sunday, 7 February 2010

7 Feb 2010-the Egret again??

In the Ouse, saw what may have been the Cattle Egret again, in a field directly south of Rodmell. Was clearly an Egret, in a field about 500 metres away, picking up what I presume were small invertabrates from the ground. It appeared to have a fairly short neck, and looked quite stocky. However, at such a distance, and with only my binoculars, I couldn't see any detail on the bill, which wasn't helped by the fact it had its back to me most of the time. It also sometimes appeared to have too long a neck, although it still looked thicker than a Little Egrets, so it may just have been 'stretching'. Also around were 2 Kingfishers and 3 Little Egrets, with the Peregrine and Raven pairs seen at their breeding site near Lewes. 12 Redshank along the river between Lewes and Southease was an excellent count, and seeing as I didn't check Glynde Reach, where there are often a few, there may have been as many as fifteen in the Ouse today.

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