Thursday, 1 April 2010

photos from recently

Robin seen in my back garden-27/3/10
This rather curious Goldfinch was in the garden on the same date
while there are also now a good number of Toads in the pond, Dad introduced* them back into the pond about seven years ago, and since then they have spread into much of the surrounding area

* They are not introduced in the same way as pheasant/little owl or other such wildlife, rather we have just established a small, self-sustaining population of them, where they would most likely have been anyway before a town was built here, and hopefully they will continue to do well, since (when we first put toadspawn in the pond) they were quite a rare sight locally, although they may be recovering now, I'm not sure. They are, as far as I'm aware, the only population of Toads in Seaford, with the nearest presumably being in the river valleys or the pond on Seaford Head.
a close up of one of the toads firey, umber-coloured eyes.

One of the Stonechats I saw on 27 March on Camp Hill
I also found this eggshell at the foot of Camp Hill. I'm not sure what bird layed it, is anyone out there good at ID'ing eggs? It was in the same area as the Stonehchats, though since both male and female were out in the open, displaying, singing and mobile I very much doubt they have made a nest yet. However, it was about the size of egg a Stonechat-sezed bird would make. Does anyone have any ideas?

Finally, I have no idea what this beetle is, but I'm probably just a magpie who is drawn to anything shiny and metallic!


  1. the beetle looks like a corymbites purpureus poda
    they are around in spring and common

  2. cool, that makes sense since I think I've seen them around before, but I don't normally pay much attention to insects. Thanks a lot for comment though, and nice to know a few people still speak latin!

  3. Hi there nice blog you've got here! Will check back regularly for now onwards. atb David C.

  4. Hi Liam , good photos like the one of the goldfinch the best , very interesting facts about the toads too , dont know if you know ? there is a forum for young birders of your age and also a young birders challenge too , have put the links below if you want to check them out :

  5. Its a good place to chat and most people advertise there blogs on there , and although i am not a young birder i often post my blog on there to , my nickname on there is Dark Knight

  6. thanks rob, i've just created an account on birdforum, it seems like a cool website and hopefully i'll put more posts on it in the future


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