Tuesday, 13 July 2010

White-tailed bastard!

cut a long story shot, I got fairly crap views of a White-tailed Plover in a crowded hide in Slimbridge WWT, 300 or so miles from home, then the damned thing turned up about an hour's drive away at Dunge. God I hate birding sometimes! autumn continues to trickle along, a calling Willow Warbler/Chiffchaff at Slimbridge (I half-heard it but probably a Willow) on the same dae might have been a migrant, as would the definite Willow calling from somewhere near my house yesterday and today. a Great Spotted Woodpecker has been fairly vocal around the house too (presumably a dispersing juvenile) with perhaps the same bird beinng seen distantly in flight this afternoon from my bedroom window. Also my first Goldcrest for a while was also probably dispersing. Starlings and Woodpigeons are starting to flock together now, and at school I saw two adults and a juvenile Great Black-backed Gull. This is lmost certainly the same pair I saw in April/May on a roof near school, and is the first record of breeding for seaford to my knowledge.


  1. Count your blessings young man. I would love to have even poor views of the White-tailed Lapwing.

  2. It is still at Dungeness today (15/7), Liam.
    I saw it yesterday and it looked pretty happy feeding at the ARC Pit.
    Hopefully it will hang on for a few more days and you'll get the chance to see it again at closer quarters (unless you are having a stroppy teenager moment, then I wouldn't blame your Dad if he refuses to take you!).

  3. Hi Liam if its any consolation i also made the loooong trip to slimbridge however i did also manage to see it at Dunge to and if you can get the chance to go its well worth the visit with good back birds around i.e: purple heron , gw egret etc


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