Friday, 30 July 2010

careful on the web

not a birdy post I'm sorry but I have just recieved info that the site behind the 'banners' form FatBirder currently has a virus of some kind, and that following a link on any of them puts your computer in danger. There is a thread on Birdforum about this, the software apprently can scan your computer in an attempt to obtain passwords and bank details, and renders your computer unusable. There has already been an attempted theft of £21,000 from one person and many people have reported their computers crashing. I've removed the FatBirder widget from my website and please, if anyone out there still has a FatBirder widget on their blog/website REMOVE IT NOW!!

thanks and hopefully most people have got the message already



edit: according to Birdforum thread (see HERE) the problem has largely been dealt with but it still is probably a good idea to remove all links to FatBirder for a short while just to be safe

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